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CatGenie 120 Tabby Package

It doesn’t seem like it can get any better than the CatGenie. Since the CatGenie is so much like a toilet, the only thing better than it would be to actually toilet train your cat. That might not even be superior since the CatGenie provides thorough scouring and cleaning, as well as a decontaminating cycle. However, every litter box has its downsides, and this one does too. The main problem is the smell. The Granules do not mask the smell very well; that’s what the SaniSolution is for but it does not always do the job. Also, the Granules do escape the litter box and can get everywhere. This is a problem that almost every litter box has, but it is more significant with the CatGenie since they are reusable and since they are made from a different substance than regular litter and can hurt under bear feet. The CatGenie Dome and SideWalls do help keep the litter inside a bit more, but not every cat likes to be closed in.

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CatGenie 120 Tabby Package User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating33333
Cleaning Mechanism33333
Odor Control2.912.912.912.912.91
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism44444
Odor Control44444

This is how the CatGenie works: After your cat has done its thing, the CatGenie then liquefies into the toilet and gets rid of all odors. It is a self-cleaning device so there is really nothing for you to do and it almost seems as if there isn’t a cat around. Aside from a slightly long cleaning cycle I don’t have any negative remarks.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control11111

TOO, TOO COMPLICATED!!! I saw the CatGenie advertised in a few places and it looked amazing! What could get better than a self-flushing toilet? I should have known that it was too good to be true. The concept is a good one, but in reality, it is just too complicated. For starters, setup is extremely difficult. You need someone professional to do the hookup to...

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