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Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

As manual litter boxes go, the Clevercat litter box is amazing. It is a simple plastic box, but is brilliantly constructed. Since the Clevercat Top Entry litter box is completely closed, the cat has its privacy, so there is no need for the extra, unnecessary, and expensive canopies and covers that are sold, and it does a great job of keeping the litter contained. Additionally, Clevercat top entry litter boxes help keep dogs out of the box, so they are great for cat owners who also have dogs. Some dogs may find a way to get their heads in the hole and get the cover stuck, but overall it is pretty dog-proof. It also eliminates odors and is a nice size. It is not worth buying the Clevercat liners though, since they are quite pricey.

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Average User Rating
Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism3.
Odor Control44444
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Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism44444
Odor Control44444

The litterbox is great and my cats went right to it in a day! The liners, though, are expensive, 10 for $ you are paying a $1 for each liner and I have 2 of the boxes. They are just expensive versions of cheap kitchen trash bags. I took the dimensions and went to Lowe's and Home Depot in search of a comparable size that would work. Success!! Of all...

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Cameron Sanger

I would recommend this litter box to anyone! It is the perfect solution for cats who like to pee on the sides of the litter box. Usually it seeps out, but with the Clevercat litter box, everything is contained. Just great!

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