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The Litter-Robot II is a revolutionary automatic self-cleaning litter box, which, unlike the LitterMaid litter boxes, does not use a raking system. Instead, the Litter Robot uses a rotating, sifting system. Shaped like a globe, it rotates after the cleaning cycle has begun, sifting the waste from the cat litter, and deposits it into the waste drawer before setting itself straight again. The cat enters the litter box in middle of the globe. Beneath the entrance is the control panel. The waste drawer is located on the bottom of the litter box on the base of the Litter-Robot. It can be pulled out in order to be cleaned out. The power cord connector is located on the back of the device and can be plugged into an outlet.

The Litter-Robot II, which measures 24 x 22 x 29 inches and weighs 33.6 pounds, is made from hard plastic and consists of a globe and a base. The globe part is where the cat enters and exits, and is where the cat litter is located. Seven minutes after the cat exits, the cleaning cycle begins, and the globe is rotated counter-clockwise, sifting out the waste and depositing it into the waste drawer located on the base of the Litter-Robot 2. The Litter-Robot II comes in beige, black, or grey. The litter box does not require special litter bags or liners, and uses any type of clumping litter. There is a large capacity waste drawer, which only needs to emptied every few days. Litter Robot is reliable and safe and comes with a 90 day Money-Back guarantee (when bought directly through them). There is also an 18-month full warranty. Households with several cats require the Litter-Robot to be emptied every day.


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