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Litter-Robot II

One of the most advanced automatic self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, the Litter-Robot II litter box saves you the trouble of the problematic raking system, yet has other issues such as a small litter area and some technical problems as well. For those who are sensitive to noise, the Litter-Robot may be a bit noisy. Another issue is that the litter can get everywhere. On the plus side, the Litter Robot can be left over a weekend, and one does not have to worry about it or about scooping out litter. Litter Robot 2 is est for smaller cats and single cat households.

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Litter-Robot II User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating3.713.713.713.713.71
Cleaning Mechanism3.653.653.653.653.65
Odor Control3.653.653.653.653.65
17 Reviews for Litter-Robot II
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  • 5 Negative Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

I was getting so fed up with scoping out my cat's litter box, I'm so happy I discovered the Litter Robot! What a great invention! A little pricey, but well worth it!

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating11111
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control11111

I bought the Litter-Robot because of the great reviews it got. I was utterly disappointed though with its performance. It constantly gets stuck, and I feel as though my money has been wasted!

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