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LitterMaid Carbon Filters LMF200

Overview: Although LitterMaid waste receptacles eliminate most of the odor, there can still be unpleasant smells around the litter box area. LitterMaid Carbon Filters reduce the odor even more, by 50%. The LMF200 includes twelve individually wrapped carbon filters. The Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters made by LitterMaid prevent the strong odor from escaping from the […]

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LitterMaid Carbon Filters LMF200 User Reviews

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8 Reviews for LitterMaid Carbon Filters LMF200
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating44444

The model I bought came with these carbon filters. I got used to using them, though I doubt I would have bought them if they hadn’t come with the litter box I bought. They help reduce the smell, and I don’t know any different so I bought a replacement pack. They are reasonably priced, though there is probably a cheaper and just as effective way of controlling the odor.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222

These filters work okay I guess, but it’s really not worth the money. They don’t stick on well and just for the effect they have you can just as easily and more economically use baking soda. I’m not a fan.

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