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LitterMaid Elite Mega LME9250

If you want to go all the way in terms of litter boxes, the Littermaid LME9250 should be your pick. It comes with absolutely everything you can need for your cat and the litter box, and is the most advanced LitterMaid model out there today. It features the sleep timer and ionic air cleaner, only available on the Elite models. Many customers are just as happy if not happier with the LM900 or LM980, but if it is extra accessories and fancy features that you are after, then the LME9250 can be the litter box that is just right for you and your cats. You can always buy the accessories separately and it may cost you less. If the motor does not disturb you at night, you might want to forget about this model and go with the older one. It is recommended by most people not to even use the sleep timer unless you absolutely must, because dirt collects during the time that it is off. If this is an important issue, then it may be worth your while to buy this deluxe Elite model.

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LitterMaid Elite Mega LME9250 User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating1.
Cleaning Mechanism1.421.421.421.421.42
Odor Control1.581.581.581.581.58
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

Surprisingly the LME9250 is a great litter box! I like it even better than the LM900, and that was a fantastic litter box. I find that this one cleans better than the older one. The rake works better with this one for some reason. I used to have to clean it out myself quite often, and now I don’t! I use this box for two cats and it seems to be holding up just fine.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control22222

I was initially happy with the box, but now I think it was made too cheaply. The plastic roller on my rake broke, which makes the whole thing useless. It is only a few months old. I'm having difficulty finding a replacement rake.

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