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LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet LMC100

The LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet, the LMC100 is a great accessory to have along with your litter box. It catches the litter that has fallen from the litter box upon the cat’s entrances and exits, and prevents it from being scattered around the house. The carpet is placed underneath the LitterMaid litter box, or any […]

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LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet LMC100 User Reviews

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Overall Rating4.
6 Reviews for LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet LMC100
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Beatrice Belson
Overall Rating44444

I bought the LitterMaid Litter Carpet to use under our large manual litter box. It is a nice size and catches the litter very well. My floor is protected and the litter is contained. I like this mat a lot; it is a lot better than the standard small plastic ones you see in pet stores.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Alberta B.

This mat is great! It is not too big, but at the same time it is much bigger than an average litter box mat. It keeps the litter confined to the litter box area and fits nicely underneath the box.

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