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LitterMaid LM520

LitterMaid has made its name in the cat litter box industry because of their superb products and the Littermaid LM520 is no exception. The only complaint consumers seem to have is the noisy motor that can scare the cat and wake you up at night. However, with that said, the LM520 self-cleaning litter box makes one’s home a much cleaner and more pleasant environment for cat owners as well as for the cat. The Littermaid LM520 is not completely maintenance free, but bearing that in mind, the litter box will last a while and will contribute greatly to having a safer and healthier environment.

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LitterMaid LM520 User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating2.552.552.552.552.55
Cleaning Mechanism2.642.642.642.642.64
Odor Control2.912.912.912.912.91
11 Reviews for LitterMaid LM520
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Deloris K.
Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

This is a great device, and my cats are absolutely loving it (and so am I). There is little for me to do, although it is not completely maintenance free. It is even big enough for my two cats even though it says it isn’t suitable for a multiple cat household. Maybe it means more than two, or just bigger cats. Either way it works great for me. A true life saver!

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism22222
Odor Control22222

This box is decent at best. There are too many problems for it to be any more than that. The box itself is too small for the cat to do its thing. It barely fits inside and either ends up getting waste all over the sides or outside the box. Also, the rake does not clean out the box, it just does not. After the cycle is over there is still plenty of waste left over....

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