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LitterMaid Mega LM950

If you love the Littermaid LM900 and want or need accessories, the Littermaid LM950 is a good option for you. The LM950 is basically the same great product as the LM900 with the extra accessories. Often though buying the LM950 can be more expensive than buying the LM900 or the newer LM980 and the various accessories such as the Kitty Kabana and the Paw Cleaning Ramp separately so you should really compare prices. Whether buying the LM950 bundle or the LM900\LM980 and extra accessories, users are extremely satisfied with the Littermaid Mega line and it is a highly recommended self cleaning litter box.

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LitterMaid Mega LM950 User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating3.
Cleaning Mechanism3.
Odor Control3.
10 Reviews for LitterMaid Mega LM950
  • 7 Positive Reviews
  • 3 Negative Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

I was nervous as could be about ordering the LM950 because of the many bad reviews that I read, but I must say that so far we have not had any problems. I absolutely love it! It does a great job scooping out the dirty litter and my place smells so much better now. I have to say that LitterMaid is trying to make quite the buck with their expensive waste receptacles...

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating11111
Cleaning Mechanism22222
Odor Control33333

The idea behind the LM950 is brilliant, but the execution of it is not so brilliant. Mine worked in the beginning, but soon enough I started having problems. When I contacted LitterMaid they sent me a replacement, which was just as faulty as the first. They provided horrible customer service and I am still left with a damaged litter box.

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