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LitterMaid Waste Receptacles LMR200

Overview: Every LitterMaid model has a waste receptacle, into which the waste is deposited. The smaller models include four waste receptacles and the Mega models include twelve. Additional LitterMaid Waste Receptacles, LMR200, LMR215, and LMR300, can be purchased separately. These waste receptacles are suitable for all models. This helps create a clean and fresh atmosphere […]

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LitterMaid Waste Receptacles LMR200 User Reviews

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These waste receptacles are way too expensive! Unless you reuse them like I do, they aren't worth it!

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Since the LitterMaid litter box and the LitterMaid waste receptacles go hand in hand, there is not much to say other than the fact that they are expensive, bulky, and should be replaced by some other kind of liner. One solution that I have found is to try and reuse the waste receptacle by washing it out after you throw out the waste. It can only be used so many time since it is a disposable receptacle after all, but it saves some money on extra waste receptacles.

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