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LitterWorks LW412-LIT

There have been few complaints about LitterWorks’ line of cabinet stands, and there is a reason for that. The LW470-LMS is made from solid birch wood, and is sturdy enough to hold the heavy Littermaid Elite models. Some people complain that the standard LitterWorks Cabinet Stand is not big enough for the Elite models. Well, the LW470-LMS most definitely is. The litter box sits beautifully on top of the stand, eighteen inches from the ground. This eliminates the need to bend down as well as much of the mess. The litter is contained to the Litterworks stand. Another complaint is that the stand takes up too much room. If you have a separate room for it, that would be ideal, otherwise it remains rather blatant in the room but that comes with having such a sturdy piece of furniture that makes litter box maintenance so simple.

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LitterWorks LW412-LIT User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism4.334.334.334.334.33
Odor Control4.334.334.334.334.33
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

This contraption has saved my life, and allowed me to keep my cats! I have a bad back, and arthritis as well. Bending down to change the receptacles was really hard for me, and it was also difficult constantly having to throw it out. Now I hardly have to make any trips to the trash, I don’t have to bend down, and I don’t have to put those receptacles in,...

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism22222
Odor Control33333

Call me crazy, but am I missing something here? I bought this LitterWorks combo and I am NOT happy with it! Yes, LitterMaid I am familiar with and happy with for the most part, but LitterWorks? I just don’t get why this thing has to be so big! I wish it would have the waste disposal system without the whole huge cabinet!

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