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LitterMaid Mega LM900

The one thing better than an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box made by LitterMaid, is an extra large version.  The LM900 is the Mega version of the LitterMaid LM500.  It offers the same wonderful features as the LM500, such as the safety bar, detachable litter tray, and self-cleaning rake that begins a cycle ten minutes […]

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LitterMaid Mega LM900 User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating3.363.363.363.363.36
Cleaning Mechanism3.
Odor Control3.
11 Reviews for LitterMaid Mega LM900
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  • 4 Negative Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism44444
Odor Control44444

The LM900 s not no bad as litter boxes go. I am pleased so far. My cat is rather frisky, so litter flies everywhere. I should get a canopy or mat or something. The smell is tolerable and the noise is something you get used to. All in all, pretty happy.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Anthony Ellis
Overall Rating11111
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control11111

I am very unhappy with the LM900. I expected a lot more from LitterMaid! I got the Mega model because I have a few cats, but I have a feeling it would be the same story with the smaller model. The rake is too short, the motor is loud and unreliable! Piece of garbage!

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