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Omega Paw Roll Away Large

For many people, simple is better. With the Omega paw Roll Away litter box, that really is the case. There is no denying that automatic litter boxes give one the luxury of going days and sometimes even weeks without emptying the waste, but it can come with many hassles such as dealing with broken rakes, failed motors, etc. The Roll Away is simple, yet can scoop out the waste without having to touch the litter and without having to run noisy and complicated devices. With Omega Paw’s Roll Away box cats do not have to be afraid of the strange contraptions or by any noises that they might emit. Some users have found that with time the built-in mechanism ceases to work as well as it did in the beginning, but for the most part, this rather inexpensive litter box is almost hands-off and is very low maintenance.

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Omega Paw Roll Away Large User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating4.
Cleaning Mechanism4.
Odor Control44444
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Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control44444

Simple but great. All you need to is roll it onto its right side then set it up straight again and the waste is cleaned out. No electricity, no batteries, just simple genius.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Joe K

Bad news, but good news: There are a few weak spots in the design. Most importantly, the plastic clips which hold the top and bottom together (obviously important for this process) are a bit underdesigned and may break over time. There have also been some reports of the sifting screen eventually breaking. However, I just contacted Omega Paw, and they're...

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