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Omega Paw Roll Away Regular

Although most cat owners have switched over to electric self-cleaning litter boxes in order to save themselves the time and trouble of dealing with the manual ones, some continue to use traditional litter boxes. There are cats that simply refuse to enter any of those other fancy contraptions, and some cat owners just enjoy doing things the old fashioned way. The Omega paw Roll Away is a terrific combination of the old and the new. Omega Paw is not electric and does not use any complicated system that is just doomed to fall apart one day. Instead, it has a handy mechanism that sifts through the litter for the used, clumped litter and deposits it into the pullout tray, leaving the clean litter for the next use. The downside is that the Omega Paw Roll Away litter box must be emptied at least every two days. The plus side is that Omega Paw is much cheaper than any self-cleaning litter box and saves lots of money on costly liners and filters, not to mention electricity. The regular sized Omega Paw Roll Away box is not suitable for extremely large cats. The design does not allow enough room for heavy cats to move around easily.

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Omega Paw Roll Away Regular User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating4.
Cleaning Mechanism44444
Odor Control4.
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating55555
Cleaning Mechanism55555
Odor Control55555

I only have great things to say about the Omega Paw Roll Away! I was a bit uneasy and unsure at first since I have been using automatic litter boxes for the past few years for my three cats. However, after my last one broke I decided to try something a bit different. It is so easy to use, cleans well and my cats love it! I am so happy I bought the Roll Away litter box and would recommend it to any cat owner…

Most Helpful Negative Review

Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism22222
Odor Control33333

The idea is great, but sadly it does not work well at all. For starters, when you roll it on the side, all the dust from the litter comes out the front and so I have a pile of dust left outside the litter box every time. It ends up being more of a mess than a help. Maybe if there was a door that would close while it’s being rolled, or something like that. There is definitely room for improvement.

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