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Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

Those who love the idea of an automatic litter box, but find that their cats are afraid of the noisy models will find the PetSafe litter box system brilliant. The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box saves you the trouble of scooping out the waste and having to deal with smelly waste bags, but does not cause a racket in the process. Since it gradually cleans by rotating once an hour, the cycle is not obtrusive and does not frighten the cats. Some claim that it isn’t as silent as described to be, but compared to other litter boxes such as the LitterMaid litter boxes, PetSafe is silent. The unit also lacks a lid and a timer, which can be irritating, but all in all for its price, it is a very successful design.

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Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating22222
Cleaning Mechanism22222
Odor Control1.911.911.911.911.91
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism44444
Odor Control44444

I have had this Petsafe litter box for a little over a month now, and so far I love it! The best part is that it is so quiet. One of the biggest problems I had with my last litter box, the LM500 was that it was sooooo noisy. That and the rake issue. This one is quiet and does a pretty good job cleaning though it doesn’t get every little piece. I have to scoop...

Most Helpful Negative Review

Daniel Prim
Overall Rating11111
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control11111

The idea behind the Petsafe Simply Clean seemed ingenious to me and that is why I went right ahead and bought it. My cat started using it, which reassured me right away that I had done the right thing. That is the end to my positive remarks. After less than a week, the quiet hum of the machine that I loved so much took a turn for the worst and started making a...

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