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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box

Though far from perfect, the SmartScoop Litter Box is a slightly more thought-out version of the LitterMaid litter boxes. It also uses a raking system, and has a waste area. However, unlike the LitterMaid, the SmartScoop uses simple plastic bags that are easy to use and change and not the bulky waste receptacles like the LitterMaid uses. The SmartScoop’s motor is also fairly quiet, whereas the LitterMaid litter boxes can be quite noisy, especially the older ones. Litter does escape the litter box, but that is always to be expected, and it isn’t to the extent where it is worth changing litter boxes over.

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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box User Reviews

Average User Rating
Overall Rating2.792.792.792.792.79
Cleaning Mechanism2.642.642.642.642.64
Odor Control2.792.792.792.792.79
14 Reviews for SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Fran McKay
Overall Rating44444
Cleaning Mechanism33333
Odor Control44444

This box is okay, except for the fact that my cats like to fling out the litter over the sides. Other than that, the box is a nice size and not too noisy.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Eleanor K.
Overall Rating11111
Cleaning Mechanism11111
Odor Control11111

This is the worst litter box and the worst purchase I have ever made! It is really useless! The motor made weird noises from the start and it never really cleaned well. I had it fixed numerous times, it's just pointless. Do not waste your money!

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