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Jumbo Hi-Back Litter Pan

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  1. Uretha
    Overall Rating 55555
    Cleaning Mechanism 55555
    Durability 55555
    Size 55555
    Odor Control 55555

    This is a fantastic litter box!!! It is cheap, simple, easy to clean, and strong! Best of all, the high back really does keep the spray inside! The litter still gets out of the pan, so I got a mat. But it really reduces the mess and confines the litter and spray inside the box. I’m lovin mine so far!

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  2. Bobdillin
    Overall Rating 44444
    Cleaning Mechanism 44444
    Durability 44444
    Size 44444
    Odor Control 44444

    Petmate has many wonderful products. I’ve been buying their stuff for my cats for years. My latest purchase was the Hi-Back litter pan, I got the jumbo size because my cat is BIG. It is a nice size and holds the litter pretty well. Not bad for the price you pay.

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