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CatGenie 120 Tabby Package

The CatGenie 120 Tabby Package is the basic package of the ingenious self-flushing, self-washing cat box. The CatGenie cat box is the only litter box that acts like a litter box, works like a toilet, and washes like a modern washing appliance. Using the unique permanent Washable Granules in place of standard cat litter, the waste is liquefied, and later flushed down the toilet or drain, along with the sudsy water left over from the cat box and Granules cleaning. Every cycle leaves the CatGenie clean, decontaminated, dry, and ready to be used all over again. The Washable Granules satisfy the cat’s need to dig, but can also be cleaned out and used again so that there is no need to buy an endless supply of litter. Liners are not needed as well, making the somewhat expensive cost of the CatGenie well worth it. The CatGenie litter box needs a one-time hook up to cold water and electricity, and is then ready to do its job.

Shaped like a conventional toilet, the CatGenie is just the right size for a cat’s needs, and is attractive enough as well. The CatGenie litter box comes in an inconspicuous color combination of white and tan, and is connected to electricity with T-adapters. The Tabby Package includes the CatGenie Cat Box Appliance, 2 boxes of Washable Granules, 1 SaniSolution cartridge good for 4 months for one cat, 1 Machine Maintenance Treatment, T-adapters for setup, a 90-day back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and free shipping. The CatGenie Dome and SideWalls can be purchased separately along with extra SanoSolution cartridges. The litter box is recommended for cats 6 months and older. The CatGenie can be activated by the cat, by pushing a button, or by a timer, depending on what one prefers. The device measures 24 x 19 x 21 inches and weighs 40 pounds (shipping).

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