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CatGenie 120 Tuxedo Package

The CatGenie self-washing, self-flushing cat box is the only one of its kind, and that is just part of what makes it so unique. Unlike most automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, and any other litter box for that matter, the CatGenie cat box does not need to be emptied, cleaned out, or even filled with standard cat litter. That is because the CatGenie is more like a toilet than a litter box. The CatGenie is designed in such a way that it is connected to both power and water, and disposes of the waste like an actual toilet. With the help of permanent Washable Granules, the litter in the CatGenie never needs to be changed or cleaned out. The Granules satisfy the cat’s need to dig, but are made in such a way that they can be washed out with water and reused over and over again. The CatGenie is basically a litter box, toilet, and washing appliance all rolled into once amazing device.

The CatGenie is constructed from hard plastic and resembles a small toilet. The “bowl” part of the CatGenie cat box is where the cat relives itself. After a one-time hook up to cold water and electricity, the litter box is ready to serve a cat’s needs time and time again. After the cat has relieved itself, the liquid drains away from the Garnules so that only the waste actually gets flushed away. After the cleaning cycle begins, the GenieHand scoops out the solid waste, which then gets liquefied for its safe and easy removal. The bowl is then filled with clean water and the GenieHand scrubs the cat box and the Granules. Afterwards, the SaniSolution decontaminates the cat box and the Granules. Finally, the liquefied waste along with the sudsy water gets flushed down the drain or toilet. To finish, a hot-air blower dries the Granules and the cat box for the cat’s comfort. The CatGenie 120 Tuxedo Package is the deluxe version, and so it also includes the GenieDome with SideWalls, in addition to the CatGenie 120 Cat Box Appliance, 1 Machine Maintenance Treatment, 2 boxes of Washable Granules, T-adapters for setup, a 90-day money back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and free shipping. The package also includes 3 SaniSolution cartridges, which are good for 6 months with two cats, instead of the standard 1 cartridge, which is good for 4 months with one cat.

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