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Kitty A Go-Go


The Kitty A Go-Go litter box is a fashionable-looking litter box, designed for cat owners as well as for cats. The litter box is manual, but has a helpful built-in mechanism that sifts out the waste. Featuring an attached dome, which comes in a few eye-catching colors and patterns, the litter box has a pull out litter tray drawer, which makes cleaning out the waste extremely simple. In order to clean out the drawer, you simply need to pull it out, pull the sifter rake, and empty the litter into the waste receptacle. The chic covers are interchangeable, which enables your litter box to have different looks.


Measuring 21.5 x 18.4 x 15.87 inches, the Kitty A Go-Go manual cat litter box boasts an arched roof and a pull out litter tray drawer. The dome is interchangeable and comes in a few decorative styles including grey metallic, polka dots, leopard print, black, flower print, and Burl wood look. The litter box includes one sifter rake, one hand scoop, and one disposable liner. Additional pull out sifter rakes, hand scoops, and disposable litter tray liners are sold separately. The litter box is suitable for large cats as well as multiple cat households. The Kitty A Go-Go uses disposable litter tray liners and needs to be emptied daily.


If you are looking for an unusual cat litter box, the Kitty A Go-Go litter box is the one for you. Designed in 2003 by a clothing designer, the Kitty A Go-Go litter box is one of the most stylish litter boxes on the market. Usually an eyesore, this litter box is far from it thanks to the decorative, interchangeable litter box covers. However, this is a manual litter box after all, and for the price that it costs, you don’t get too much. The mechanisms is simple enough, and works quite well, but there are other manual litter boxes on the market that work similarly and don’t cost nearly as much. You are paying for the design, and if that is important to you, then go for it.


21.5 x 18.4 x 15.87 inches; 30 pounds (shipping)

Single Cat / Multiple Cats:


Litter Required:

Clumping Litter


Disposable liners

Detachable Litter Tray:


Hand Scoop:


Instruction Booklet:


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