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Litter-Robot II Bubble

The Litter-Robot II Bubble is basically the Litter-Robot II with an added on 3-inch bubble, which provides natural light to the litter box. It also enlarges the litter box, which makes this litter box more suitable for larger cats and multiple cat households. The unit uses 100% recycled plastics in 84% of the total plastic volume. The Litter-Robot works on a sifting system, which is activated seven minutes after the cat exits the unit. The globe rotates counter-clockwise and the waste is sifted out of the globe and into the large waste drawer found at the base of the Litter-Robot. The litter box uses regular kitchen garbage bags and any type of clumping litter, saving a significant amount of money on pricey litter box accessories. TheĀ Litter Robot Bubble unitĀ is powered by a 12 volt AC adapter. The Litter-Robot does a great job in reducing the odors.

Measuring 24 x 22 x 29 inches and weighing 33.6 pounds, the Litter-Robot II Bubble comes in black, grey, or beige and includes the extra 3-inch bubble for extra space and sunlight. The bubble attaches to the globe part of the litter box and makes it roomier for the cats, making it accommodating for larger and fuller cats. The litter box has a rounded, globe-like top and a square shaped base. The waste drawer pulls out from the base and the activation buttons are located beneath the globe. The cat enters the litter box from the globe. Ramps and extenders are sold separately.

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