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LitterMaid Carbon Filters LMF200


Although LitterMaid waste receptacles eliminate most of the odor, there can still be unpleasant smells around the litter box area. LitterMaid Carbon Filters reduce the odor even more, by 50%. The LMF200 includes twelve individually wrapped carbon filters. The Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters made by LitterMaid prevent the strong odor from escaping from the disposable waste receptacle. This keeps your cat’s area cleaner and fresher, which is beneficial for you as well. Each carbon filter is individually wrapped, keeping it fresh until it is ready to be used. The package also comes with a user manual and measures about 7 x 3 x 2 inches. The box weighs approximately 6.7 ounces.

Before using the filter, the paper strip needs to be pulled off in order to expose the adhesive. You then place the filter, with the adhesive faced down, into the cover of the LitterMaid Waste Receptacle. The used filter is thrown out together with the filled waste receptacle.

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