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LitterMaid Elite Mega LME9000

Similar to the older Mega model, the LM900, the LME9000 is a rectangular, hard plastic device that works based on the raking system. It runs on a motor supported by a power outlet, and eight D-cell batteries for backup. This LitterMaid litter box also requires premium clumping litter for the utmost results. The LME9000 Mega Elite package includes twelve waste receptacles, a triple action tool for measuring litter, a cleaning brush, a guide, a Paw Cleaning Ramp, and four powerful odor-absorbing carbon filters. In addition to the removal steel rake, detachable litter tray, and safety bar, the LME9000 Elite litter box features a sleep timer for avoiding disturbances during the night and a sensor activated ionic air cleaner, which keeps the box smelling clean and fresh at all times.


• Extra large litter area. When it comes to space, there is plenty of it in the LME9000. Whether you have an extra large cat or more than one cat using the litter box, you can be sure that there is enough litter and litter box area for your cat or cats to do its/their thing without making too much of a mess.
• Removable steel rake for easy removal and cleaning. The original litter boxes had plastic rakes that were not removable. These steel rakes are sturdier and can be removed for easy cleaning.
• Detachable litter tray for quick disposal and refills. The litter tray is detachable, which means quick and easy removal anytime you need to clean or refill the tray.
• Quieter motor, more peace of mind. The noisy motor has been one of LitterMaid’s main problems. The Elite models have a slightly quieter motor, which means fewer headaches, especially for those sensitive to noise.


• Rake gets stuck. LitterMaid litter boxes are sold all over the world, yet an extremely common complaint that they get is the rake getting stuck. The Elite models boast a removable steel rake, which may be sturdier and easier to clean, but it still gets stuck. This is something that the raking system has yet to correct.
• Extras are more trouble than help. The main attractions to the Elite models versus the older models are the new features including the ionic air cleaner and the sleep timer. Many have found that these additions are more trouble than help, causing more malfunctions.
• Premium clumping litter is expensive. As with the original LitterMaid models, the LME9000 requires premium clumping litter in order to ensure the most efficient cleaning cycles. This litter may work better, but it is also much more expensive.

The Bottom Line: Bigger and more is not always better. There are those who are perfectly happy with the Elite modifications while others go running back to the older models. The LM900 had enough problems of its own but still worked well enough for customers to keep buying it. The extra features of the Littermaid LME9000 can leave more room for things to go wrong. If you like it simple, stick with the older Mega models. If you are into frills, you might like the new features of the LME9000.

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