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LitterMaid Elite Mega LME9250

If there were to be a crowned jewel of LitterMaid litter boxes, it would be the LME9250.  This Mega Elite deluxe model is large, features the latest technology in automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, and comes with all of the extra accessories.  The Littermaid LME9250 works the same was as all of the other LitterMaid litter boxes, with the help of a rake, this time a removable stainless steel one, which rakes through the litter and deposits the waste into the waste receptacle.  This model comes with twelve waste receptacles, like all of the Mega models, and additional ones can be bought separately.  The cleaning cycle begins ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box, and if the cat returns before that time has elapsed, the timer resets.  The safety bar prevents the cat’s paws from getting stuck and the detachable litter tray makes cleaning it incredibly easy.


The device is powered by a low voltage AC adapter and can also be operated with eight D-cell batteries, though this is recommended only for backup.  Premium clumping litter is required for the LME9250, as it is for most LitterMaid models.  This type of litter is more costly than other kinds of litter, but less of it is needed.

The Littermaid LME9250 is intended for larger cats and for multiple cat households.  It is slightly larger than the other size, the LME5000 or LME5500, so if more room is needed for the cat, this is the model to buy.  This item includes the Paw Cleaning Ramp as well as the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana.  The Kabana serves two purposes; it provides the cat with privacy and prevents litter from falling out of the box.  A guide, cleaning brush, triple action tool, and four Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters are also included.  Just like with the other LitterMaid Elite models, the LME9250 features a time sleeper and a sensor activated ionic air cleaner.  This is useful for those who find the noisy motor at night irritating.  The ionic air cleaner keep the litter box smelling fresh at all times.   The Littermaid Elite LME9250 makes litter box duty almost non-existent.  It contributes greatly to the health and happiness of both pet cat and owner.


Slightly different from the original LM900, the LM9250 is the newer model of the extremely popular LitterMaid litter box.  This Elite version of the Mega model features a new sleep timer and ionic air cleaner, which constantly keeps the litter box environment clean and fresh.  This deluxe version includes the Paw Cleaning Ramp, the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana, a cleaning brush, the triple action tool, four Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters, twelve waste receptacles, and a guide.  It also features the newer removable stainless steel rake, which is easier to clean and maintain.  As with most of the LitterMaid models, the LME9250 requires premium clumping litter, can be powered by the AC adapter or eight D-cell batteries, boasts a safety bar and a detachable litter tray, and is suitable for large cats and a multiple cat households.

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