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Cats are rather clean animals and so using a dirty or foul smelling litter box is not something they will do very willingly. There are many different automatic litter boxes out there, including a line made by LitterMaid that can keep the litter box clean and fresh at all times. For those however who wish to stick with traditional litter boxes and for those who want additional ways to freshen up their litter box, the LitterMaid Air Cleaner is the perfect accessory to get the job done. It is a fan that can easily be attached to any LitterMaid litter box, and any other litter box for that matter. Once it has been snapped into place, all that needs to be done for it to work twenty-four hours a day is have it plugged in.

The LitterMaid Air Cleaner will keep your cats happy since the litter box will not emit any odors and you will be content as well with your fresh and clean-smelling home. The rather compact Air Cleaner measures 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and is well worth its cost. The money spent will provide a pleasant environment for you, your cat, and your guests.


The LitterMaid Air Cleaner is a continuous fan that can be attached to any LitterMaid litter box. With the help of the constant motion, most odors are filtered thus eliminated from the litter box and its surrounding area. The idea of the fan is to absorb the odor and not to mask it, and so the air cleaner is fragrance-free. The fan is 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and can be clamped on to any LitterMaid litter box, as well as any other type of litter box. It can be used alone, or with other air freshener products. The Air Cleaner can be plugged into the wall and can be operated twenty-four hours a day for non-stop air-freshening.


The only thing worse than having a litter box to take care of, is a smelly litter box. Having a clean and fresh-smelling litter box is not only crucial for you and your family, but for your cat as well. Cats do not enjoy relieving themselves in unpleasant and unsanitary environments and so, the LitterMaid Air Cleaner can ensure that the litter box is kept smelling fresh and clean at all times. It works great and continuously, and best of all it can be used with any kind of litter box whether automatic or not. One must bear in mind that the Air Cleaner does not by any means replace the need to change the litter or litter waste receptacle, nor does it imply that the tray or box does not need a cleaning as well. It simply serves as a way of providing constant fresh air to the litter box and the surrounding area.


4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches



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