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LitterMaid LM500

The LitterMaid LM500 litter box boasts the modern self-cleaning technique conducted by the automatic rake.  This specific model is designed to accommodate one medium-sized cat.  There are also other models in this series, such as the LM700 and the LM900. The LM900 can accommodate larger cats or multiple cat households.  The litter box works in such a way that the litter is automatically raked, cleaned, and put into a sealable container ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box in order to relieve itself.  If the cat re-enters the litter box, the timer is re-set automatically for another ten minutes after its exit.

The purpose of this self cleaning system is twofold; it eliminates most odors and cleans out the litter box, ensuring the cat has a clean litter box at all times.  A rake runs through the litter in the litter box, scoops out any clumps in the litter, and deposits them into a plastic container, situated at the end of the litter box.  After the container has been filled with the cat’s waste, it is automatically sealed until the cat’s next visit, when the container is opened once again for another deposit by the raking cycle.   If the rake comes across an object in the litter during the raking cycle, it reverses at the slightest touch, in order to prevent any sort of accident or damage.

Like most automatic litter boxes, the LitterMaid LM500 may be plugged into a wall socket or operated with eight D-cell batteries, which are not included with the item. Battery usage is recommended for backup only. Made from hard plastic, the LM500 requires premium clumping litter, which is more expensive than generic litter, but needs less litter to fill the box than it normally would.

The LitterMaid LM500 automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is a rectangular plastic contraption operated by a motor via an electric outlet or eight D-cell batteries.  The device automatically cleans the waste in the litter box with a rake ten minutes after the cat has exited.  The safety bar ensures that the rake will reverse at the slightest touch of an object.  The litter box includes a detachable litter tray, which makes the cleaning of the tray much easier.  This LitterMaid product includes four disposable and sealable Waste Receptacles, which provide a healthier and almost odor-free environment.  The LM500 exterior measurements are 22.5 in. in length, 16.5 in. in width, and 8.75 in. in height.  The interior measurements are 14.25 in. in length, 13.5 in. in width, and 8 in. in height exactly.  The product also includes an instruction booklet.

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