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LitterMaid LM700

Cleaning a cat’s litter box is never a fun chore, regardless of how much you love your cat!  Having an automatic self-cleaning litter box may not make the task of cleaning a litter box fun, but it will certainly significantly reduce the time and effort that it takes to get the job done right.  LitterMaid has come out with yet another wonderful product that makes cat litter box maintenance almost non-existent.  With LM700, they have even cut back the noise level, which was a source of complaint for many LitterMaid litter box users.  The quieter motor is less of a scare to the cat, and less of a nuisance to the owner.  The infrared sensors send a rake through the litter box, which scoops out the waste and deposits it into a re-sealable waste receptacle.  This is done ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box.  If the cat should re-enter the cat box before ten minutes have elapsed, the timer will reset for another ten minutes.  The safety bar prevents the cat’s paws and finger from getting stuck in the rake.  The LM700 also uses premium clumping litter, which is more expensive than other kitty litter.  On the other hand, less of it is needed to fill the litter box.  The LM700 can help make one’s home cleaner and virtually odor-free.

The Littermaid LM700 litter box is a two piece automatic self-cleaning litter box, which consists of a cover and a base made from heavy-gauge plastic.  This newer design of the original LM500 features a deeper litter pan, a removable rake for easy cleaning, a detachable tray, and a safety bar that can prevent any accident with the cat’s paws and fingers.  Just like the LM500, the LM700 can be plugged in to an outlet or operated with 8 D-cell batteries, although this is recommended for backup use only.  The LM700 litter box measures 23 x 16 ¼ x 8 ¾ inches and weighs 11.6 pounds. This model is suitable for a medium sized cat and for a single cat household.

Premium clumping litter, which is more expensive than standard litter, is required, but less of it is needed. The product includes four waste receptacles and additional waste receptacles can be purchased separately. It also includes a cleaning brush and an instruction booklet.  The unit does not include extra accessories such as the Paw Cleaning Ramp or the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana as some of the deluxe models include.  These accessories however, can be purchased separately and usually for lower prices. Since the LM700 and LM500 models are more popular and sell more frequently than the deluxe ones, they are on sale more often.

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