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LitterMaid LME5000

LitterMaid is the leading name in cat litter boxes, particularly automatic self-cleaning litter boxes.  The LitterMaid Elite line features even more advanced automatic litter boxes than the LM500 and LM900.  The LME5000 is the size of the LM500 but boasts more features such as the sleep timer for nighttime use and a sensor-activated ionic air cleaner.  This smaller Elite model comes in two models, the LME5000 and the LME5500.  The difference between the two is that the latter comes with extra accessories.

The LME5000 works in the same way as the older and simpler model, the LM500, with the infrared sensor, and the rake that cleans out the litter.  This model includes four waste receptacles and works with an AC Adapter or eight D-cell batteries.  The Littermaid LME5000 litter box also has the detachable tray, the safety bar, and has a removable steel rake.  The kit includes a triple action tool, a cleaning brush, and a Paw Cleaning Ramp.  An instruction guide is included and premium clumping litter is required.

The rake sifts through the litter ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box, and removes the waste, depositing it into a sealable container.  The LME5000 is suitable for medium sized cats and a single cat household.  Many people claim that this models works just fine for more than one medium sized cat, but it is officially advertised as being a single cat household litter box.


This rectangular, hard plastic, automatic litter box measures 24 x 18 x 10 inches without ramp and weighs 11.9 pounds.  It is designed for medium sized cats and for households with only one cat.  Since cats do not use the litter box at the same time in any case, many have found that this smaller size is suitable for households with more than one cat, as long as they are not large cats.  Premium clumping litter is required for this device.  It is more expensive than other litter, but less of it is needed.

The LME5000 litter box can be plugged in to an outlet with an AC adapter or operated with eight D-cell batteries. This Elite model features a sleep timer, which allows the rake to rest during the night for nine hours while it is not being used.  The ionic air cycles on for ten minutes every hour to keep the air fresh.  The kit also includes a cleaning brush, a tripe action tool for measuring litter, a guide, a Paw leaning Ramp, and four waste receptacles.

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