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LitterMaid LME5500



The tedious task of cleaning your cat’s litter box is made simple with the LM5500 from the line of LitterMaid’s Elite litter boxes.  The LM5500 is identical to the sophisticated LM5000, but it also includes the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana, which can also be purchased separately.  The LME5500 Kitty Kabana is not the same size as the LM500 or LM900 Kabanas.  The Paw Cleaning ramp that comes with both the LME5000 and the LME5500 can fit onto the older models though, as well as the waste receptacles.

The LME5500 works in the same way as the LME5000 and the LM500 for that matter.  It has a rake, this time made form stainless steel that is easier to remove, which combs through the kitty litter ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box.  It removes the waste, places it into the waste receptacle, and then puts it in the sealable container.  The device also has the safety bar, which protects the cat’s paws from getting stuck, and the detachable litter tray for easy cleaning.  This model comes with four waste receptacles and requires premium clumping litter.  This standard size Elite model with extras also includes an instruction guide, a cleaning brush, a triple action tool for measuring litter, and features the sleep timer and ionic air cleaner that all of the Elite models such as the LME5000, LME9000, and LME9250 boast.



The LitterMaid Elite model, the LME5500, measures 24 x 18 x 10 inches without ramp and weighs 11.9 pounds.  It is suitable for a medium sized, single cat household.  The litter box uses an AC adapter or eight D-cell batteries.  Four waste receptacles are included with the product.  The litter box features a detachable litter tray for easy cleaning, a safety bar, a removable steel rake, a triple action tool, a cleaning brush, a guide, a Paw Cleaning Ramp, and a LitterMaid Kitty Kabana.  It features a sleep timer and an ionic air cleaner and requires premium clumping litter.



The LME5500 is another one of LitterMaid’s “deluxe” models.  The only real difference is the Kitty Kabana, which can be bought separately, usually for a cheaper price, and which many don’t even find necessary.  The Elite line in general is not as successful as the basic line including the LM500 and LM900, which is a best seller.  The extra features are not found to be useful and can even be an annoyance. The sleep timer is best left off since dirt can accumulate during that time.  The ionic air cleaner keeps the air fresh, but if cared for properly, the basic LitterMaid automatic litter box can be kept clean and won’t exude offensive odors, making the air cleaner unnecessary.


24 x 18 x 10 inches ; 11.9 pounds

Single Cat / Multiple Cats:


Litter Required:

Premium Clumping Litter


AC Adapter or 8 D-cell batteries (recommended for backup only)

Cleaning Cycle Time:

Begins ten minutes after cat’s exit; resets timer if cat re-enters litter box.

Number of Waste Receptacles:

Four (can buy more separately)

Detachable Litter Tray:


Safety Bar:


Removable Steel Rake:


Triple Action Tool:


Cleaning Brush:




Instruction Booklet:


Sleep Timer for Nighttime use:


Sensor-Activated Ionic Air Cleaner:


Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters:


Paw Cleaning Ramp:


LitterMaid Kitty Kabana:


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