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LitterMaid LMT100 Privacy Tent

The LitterMaid Kitty Kabana Universal Cat Litter Box Privacy Tent is designed especially for the LitterMaid litter boxes, but most of them can fit over conventional litter boxes as well. The LMT100 model is one of the older ones and features six covered sides. It not only provides your cat with the privacy that it might need or want, but keeps the litter confined to the litter box area. This not only prevents a mess, but keeps your house sanitary too. The tent is made from a durable and washable material. It unzips for easy access for litter refilling and for cleaning. The door flap snaps open conveniently. The item weighs 3.2 pounds and comes with an easy to assemble plastic fan.

Some of the newer LitterMaid litter boxes come with the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana, and it can also be purchased separately. There are currently three models of this privacy tent that are being sold. These include the LMT100, the LMT200, and the LMT250, which is designed for the Elite models only. Some find the tent unnecessary, and others swear by it. The tent not only provides privacy, but a neater litter box area as well. It also helps reduce the odor significantly. The tent is a bit flimsy and can be tricky to put together. If cared for properly though, it can be a wonderful accessory for your litter box.

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