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LitterMaid Mega LM920

LitterMaid has made the Mega automatic self-cleaning litter box even more appealing with the deluxe version, the LM920.  This model boasts the same state-of-the-art technology as the LM900, but includes some extras such as the LitterMaid Paw Cleaning Ramp, the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana, and the cleaning brush.  The larger model of the popular LitterMaid litter box features the same safety bar, detachable litter tray, and low voltage power as the smaller model.  The device can either be plugged in with the AC adapter or powered by eight D-cell batteries (this is recommend for backup only.)  The LM920 includes twelve waste receptacles, as do all Littermaid Mega models, and requires premium clumping litter only.  This litter is more expensive than other types of clumping litter, but not much is needed to fill the litter box.

The cleaning cycle begins ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box.  A rake combs through the litter and removes any waste that is there, placing it into a sealed container.  The litter box only needs minimal cleaning and maintenance in order for it to stay clean and work well.  The safety bar prevents the cat’s paws from getting stuck, and the timer resets if the cat re-enters the litter box before ten minutes have elapsed.  Just like the LM900, the Littermaid LM920 is suitable for larger cats and for multiple cat households, although the smaller models can be suitable for multiple cat households as well, depending on their sizes.


A rectangular, plastic, motorized, automatic self-cleaning litter box, the LM920 is a larger version of the popular LitterMaid LM500 litter box, suitable for larger cats and multiple cat households.  It is identical to the LM900, also a Mega litter box, but simple comes with some accessories such as the Paw Cleaning Ramp and the LitterMaid Kitty Kabana, which are sold separately as well.  These items are sold with some of the other deluxe LitterMaid models such as the LM950 and the LME9250.  The LM950 is also a deluxe version of the Mega model, except it also comes with four Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters and a triple action tool.

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