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LitterWorks LW412-LIT

The LitterWorks LW470-LMS is the Elite version of the LitterWorks LW410-LMS.  It is a cabinet stand and waste disposal system that is suitable for the LitterMaid Elite litter boxes such as the LME5000, LME5500, LME9000, and the LME9250.  The Elite litter box models are slightly larger than the original LitterMaid boxes and have a different shape.  Therefore LitterWorks created a line of cabinet stands just for the Elite models.  The LW470-LMS is like the LW410-LMS, the LW470-DIY is like the LW410-DIY, which is a do-it-yourself kit, and the LW472-ELT is like the LW412-LIT, which is the cabinet stand and the actual LitterMaid litter box.  The Elite version comes with the Elite litter box, of course, the LME9000.

Just like the standard LitterWorks Cabinet Stand and waste Disposal System, the LW470-LMS is new and improved and designed especially for the Elite LitterMaid model. The stand measures 37 x 21 x 16 inches and comes with thicker doors than the original for easier cleaning. There is also an optional fold-down tent that can help contain the litter.  The stand comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting it together.  Made from solid white birch wood, the LW470-LMS can hold the Elite models, and store its waste in its cabinet within the continuous bag that connects through a permanent chute to the waste receptacle area instead of the waste receptacle.  This eliminates messes as well as unwanted odors. The bag can be cut and thrown away at any time, and can last without being changed for nearly three weeks.

Elevated eighteen inches from the ground, the LitterWorks Cabinet Stand for Littermaid Elite models is more improved than the original and works perfectly with the more sophisticated LitterMaid models.  It measures 37 x 21 x 16 inches and is made from solid white birch wood.  The doors are thicker and can be removed, which makes cleaning them much easier.  The permanent chute attaches to the waste receptacle and the liner drops down to the bottom of the cabinet.  Once removed, you can tie a knot to start a new bag.  The liner can last up to three week, which makes this item perfect for travels and for individuals who do enjoy emptying their cats’ litter boxes.  The cabinet also has room to store items such as extra litter, liners, and a scooper.  This system eliminates most of the mess and odor and makes the litter box practically overflow-proof.

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