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LitterWorks LW472-ELT

The LitterWorks LW472-ELT Cabinet Stand and Waste Disposal System and LitterMaid Elite LME9000 Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the must-have package of the LitterMaid Elite line.  The Elite Mega sized self-cleaning litter box is paired up with the stylish and highly functional LitterWorks Cabinet Stand.  The Elite model fits perfectly on the stand, and is elevated eighteen inches above the ground.  This keeps the mess off the floor and everything in order.  Litter box items can be stored behind the sliding doors, along with the continuous bag that is attached to the LitterWorks unique bagging system.

The LitterMaid LME900 self-cleaning litter box is the Mega Elite model, since it is both Mega size, and part of the Elite line with the extra features such as the sleep timer and ionic air freshener.  It is suitable for larger cats as well as multiple cat households.  The stainless steel rake that this model boasts, removes the clumped litter and deposits it into the permanent chute, where it is stored in the continuous bag until the liner is cut, and then thrown out.  A new knot is then tied and the bag fills up again.

The LW472-ELT is basically the Elite version of the LW412-LIT.  Instead of including the LM900, this product includes the Elite model, the LME9000.  Therefore, the stand is slightly different from the one that the LW412-LIT comes with.  It is just the right size for the Elite model so that it does not hang over or sit poorly. Just like the other cabinet stands, the stand that is included with the LW472-ELT is made from solid white birch wood and boasts two sliding doors, behind which is storage space as well as the continuous bag.

The purpose of the cabinet is thus threefold; it conceals the waste bag so that it is not in eyesight, confines the odor and mess to the cabinet area only, and enables you to store all of your litter box area right beneath the litter box.  The LME900 is placed on top of the stand, eighteen inches from the ground providing easy access for the cat as well as for the owner, and is attached to the permanent chute through the waste receptacle area.  The liner drops to the bottom of the cabinet and fills up according to the need.  The liner can last as long as three weeks.

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