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LitterMaid Mega LM900

The one thing better than an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box made by LitterMaid, is an extra large version.  The LM900 is the Mega version of the LitterMaid LM500.  It offers the same wonderful features as the LM500, such as the safety bar, detachable litter tray, and self-cleaning rake that begins a cycle ten minutes after the cat has exited the litter box except the only difference is that this model is much larger, making it suitable for a bigger cat or for a multiple cat household.  It is also helpful for those who feel their cat needs more space.

The LM900 also uses premium clumping litter, which is more costly, but also more efficient since less of it is needed.  The LM900 can be plugged into an outlet with the AC adapter or powered by eight D-cell batteries.  Battery usage though is recommended for backup only.  Since it is a larger litter box, intended on catering for the needs of more than one cat, it comes with twelve waste receptacles instead of the standard four.  Additional receptacles can always be purchased separately.  Unlike the standard smaller sized litter box, the LM500, the LM900 comes with a few accessories such as the triple action tool for measuring litter, a cleaning brush, and the Paw Cleaning Ramp, for cleaning the cats’ paws after exiting the litter box.

After the cat has relieved itself and has exited the unit, the timer will count down ten minutes before beginning the cleaning cycle.  If the cat returns before that time has elapsed, the timer will reset.  A rake combs through the litter and deposits the waste into the receptacle.  It is then put into a sealed container and only opened once again upon the cat’s next visit to the litter box.


The LM900 is a larger version of the popular LM500, measuring 22.5 x 26.5 x 8.75 inches and weighing 15.2 pounds.  It is a rectangular plastic device, powered by a motor and operated by an AC adapter or eight D-cell batteries.  The litter box requires premium clumping litter.  The product includes 12 waste receptacles, an instruction booklet, a cleaning brush, a triple action tool, and a LitterMaid Paw Cleaning Ramp.  The LM900 features the same safety bar and detachable litter tray for easy cleaning as the LM500 and the LM520.




One of the main misconceptions of the LM900 as well as the other Mega LitterMaid models is that they are intended for multiple cat households.  Cats do not use the litter box at the same time, and therefore having a larger litter box does not make a difference.  It only matters whether the cat is large or not.  If it is, then the Mega models are much more comfortable and convenient for the cat and for the owner as well since less of a mess is made.  One issue that the LM900 has, as well as some of the models is the noisy motor.  It has been corrected in some of the models, but even those are quite noisy.  Most users claim that they and their cats eventually become accustomed the noise.  One must remember that although the LM900 is a self-cleaning device, it requires minimal care.  Without it, the product will not last as long as it could or should last.


22.5 x 26.5 x 8.75 inches ; 15.2 pounds

Single Cat / Multiple Cats:


Litter Required:

Premium Clumping Litter


AC Adapter or 8 D-cell batteries (recommended for backup only)

Cleaning Cycle Time:

Begins ten minutes after cat’s exit; resets timer if cat re-enters litter box.

Number of Waste Receptacles:

Twelve (additional ones are sold separately)

Detachable Litter Tray:


Safety Bar:


Removable Steel Rake:


Triple Action Tool:




Cleaning Brush


Instruction Booklet:


Sleep Timer for Nighttime use:


Sensor-Activated Ionic Air Cleaner:


Powerful Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filters:

Four (additional ones can be purchased separately)

Paw Cleaning Ramp:


LitterMaid Kitty Kabana:


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