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Omega Paw Roll Away Large

Omega Paw’s line of cat products includes the self-cleaning, but not electric, Roll Away litter box. The self-cleaning litter box comes in two sizes; the regular and the large. The large size can accommodate large cats as well as a multiple cat households whereas the smaller size is only big enough for small to medium sized cats. The hooded litter box, which comes in silver and blue (as well as other colors depending on where it is bought) works in such a way that the dirty litter is collected and deposited into the waste drawer just by rolling it over onto its right side. Using clumping litter, Omega Paw’s built-in mechanism sifts through the clean litter, and removes the clumped litter only into the waste area, once set up straight. The closed in litter box helps contain the litter as well as provide privacy for the cat. Many litter boxes have an optional privacy tent that can be purchased separately. With the Omega Paw Roll Away Large litter box, as well as the regular size, there is no need for a separate tent or canopy.

The Omega Paw Roll Away Regular litter box is a unique hexagon shape that provides the cat with the space needed in order to relieve itself. The sheltered box also serves as a privacy canopy and confines the litter to the litter box only. The litter box measures 19 1/2 x 22 x 20 inches and has a 9 x 9 opening. With this system, there is no need for expensive liners and filters, thus savings a significant amount of money. The unit should be emptied at least every other day. Additionally, the Omega Paw Roll Away reduces dust and odors greatly, is quiet, and resembles a conventional litter box, so cats are not afraid to use it.

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