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Omega Paw Roll Away Regular

The Omega Paw Roll Away Regular litter box is a self-cleaning litter box that is not electric.  When tilted all the way over on its right side, the waste from the litter box is collected and put into the waste container when set up straight.  This version of Omega Paw is the standard size, suitable for smaller or medium-sized cats and single cat households.  It measures 17 x 20 x 16 inches, is made from hard plastic, and has a built in cover so that there is no need for purchasing a separate privacy tent or canopy.  The litter box also succeeds in controlling dust and odors.  The Roll Away litter box only works with clumping litter since the waste tray separates the clumped litter from the clean litter and stores the used litter in the pullout compartment until it is ready to be thrown out. This way, clean litter is never thrown away and the cat always has clean litter in its litter box.  With the Omega Paw litter box, there is no need for scoops, liners, or filters, thus saving you lots of money on extra items. The litter box comes with a silver top and a blue base (colors may vary from store to store).

With the help of the built-in patented grill on the bottom of the Omega Paw Roll Away litter box, the litter is cleverly separated from the clean litter and deposited into the pullout tray, without ever being powered by electricity!  The Omega Paw mechanism works by simply rolling the litter box onto its right side and then setting it up straight again.  This size is practical for smaller cats, whereas the larger model is more appropriate for larger cats and multiple-cat households.  This litter box saves you money on electricity, liners, filters, and scoops.  The opening is large enough for cats to easily enter and exit the litter box.  The litter box also helps contain spilled litter with its high walls and enclosed litter area. The Roll Away boasts a unique hexagon shape, which accommodates the cat’s needs extremely well.  The litter tray needs to be emptied every one to two days in order to keep it clean and fresh at all times.  The Omega Paw Roll Away Regular size litter box is made from hard plastic and comes in silver and blue.

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