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Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

The Petsafe Simply Clean Litter Box is the only continuous clean litter box on the market. Not only is it an automatic self-cleaning litter box, but it works in such a way that it is constantly rotating, and completes a full cycle once an hour. This means that there isn’t a noisy mechanism that can scare the cats, and one doesn’t have to worry about the cat interrupting the cycle, or preventing it from starting by returning to the litter box. The PetSafe Simply Clean unit is suitable for cats up to 12 pounds. The unique system helps reduce odor and odor causing bacteria. A huge advantage to this litter box is that it uses recycled plastic bags, which is both economical and environmentally safe. The litter box does not require tools in order to be assembled and there aren’t any moving parts, for optimal safety.

The built-in filtering system sifts the waste out of the litter and deposits it into an area lined with a recycled plastic bag. In order to dispose of the waste, one simply needs to tie the bag and throw it out. Since the odor is drastically reduced, the litter needs to be thrown out less often, less maintenance is needed, and one can even keep the litter box in places once considered unthinkable.

The Petsafe Continuous-Clean Litter Box boasts an original and efficient shape. It is a round bowl that rotates with the help of the attached contraption that slightly resembles a mixer. The mechanism attaches to the bowl from the middle, and the cat is free to use the litter box, as it slowly rotates. The litter tray part is a dark tan color, and the motor area is cream. The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box requires premium clumping litter, but uses recycled plastic bags. An optional litter mat is sold separately.

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