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The ScoopFree Slide is the manual version of the ScoopFree Litter Box. It has almost all of the advantages of the self-scooping version, except that this one is not electric. It uses the disposable litter trays and Fresh Step Crystals, and only needs to be changed every 20-30 days depending on the number of cats. After each usage, the rake needs to be slid back and forth and the waste is deposited into the covered container. The downside is the waste needs to be thrown out daily. There is no need to refill the tray with litter, as the trays come pre-filled with the crystals, and there is no need to clean out the trays and constantly put in new liners. The crystals also do a great job of masking the smell, and there are virtually no odors.

Measuring 27 x 18.5 x 9 inches and weighing18 pounds, the rectangular shaped manual ScoopFree litter box is almost completely maintenance free. It is made from hard plastic and comes in two contrasting shades of grey. The rake that is motorized in the original version is manual in the <i>ScoopFree Slide</i>, and that is pretty much all that is different. The rake slides back and forth, taking the clumped litter with it and depositing it into the covered container. The waste needs to be emptied daily, unlike the automatic model.

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