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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box

The SmartScoop Self Scooping litter box is an automatic, self-scooping litter box that is similar to the LitterMaid litter boxes. This is because the SmartScoop litter box also uses a raking system, and has a cleaning cycle very much like the LitterMaid’s. A rake combs through the litter fifteen minutes after the cat has exited the litter box. The waste is then deposited into the waste area, which is lined with a biodegradable waste bag. The unit is powered by an AC adapter, and has filters that keep it smelling fresh. Additional waste bags and filters can be purchased separately. The unit uses any type of clumping litter, saving money on the expensive kind. The litter box area is large, and the box itself is heavy-duty and easy to clean.

The rectangular SmartScoop Litter Box measures 17 x 7.6 x 27 inches and weighs 27 pounds. It comes in blue and grey, and is made from hard plastic. The SmartScoop Self Scooping Litter Box package includes the SmartScoop Litter Box, 12 Biodegradable Waste Bags, 3 Activated Carbon Odor Control Filters, and an Anti-Tracking Litter Ramp. Accessories that are not included are the SmartScoop Privacy Cover, SmartScoop Litter Catching Mat, SmartScoop Scoop-N-Sift, SmartScoop Odor Control Spray, SmartScoop No-Stick Spray, and extra SmartScoop Activated Carbon Filters, and No-Touch Waste Bags. SmartScoop is most suitable for medium-sized cats and single cat households, though it depends on each cat and its size. The waste bag needs to be changed at least once a week.  The Smart Scoop litter box uses any kind of clumping litter.

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